Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Secret Project Revealed - Bed Song Portraits/Amanda Palmer Army!

   Its finally time to reveal the project I've been working on for the last month or so - Amanda Palmer: The Bed Song Portraits Collection!

   The Bed Song Portraits Collection is comprised of 20 portraits of Amanda Palmer, in 4 different designs and 5 different colour schemes. Each individual piece contains a different set of hand written lyrics from the Bed Song and the whole set together makes up the entire song.
    Each piece was hand drawn and painted by me on 10x10" illustration board.

   Stage 3
   So, the set is complete but the project is far from over. And this is where you come in, or more specifically any Amanda Palmer fans who are attending her gig at The Institute, Birmingham on Tuesday July 16th 2013. I will be attending this gig myself and intend to 'busk' in the line with these pieces and some of my digital art, printed at various sizes.
   I am not setting any solid prices and will be accepting donations in exchange for the art, though I will have a rough guide for which piece(s) you can get for your donation based on size of donation in order for me to cover the costs of creating the art, but I will be more than happy to barter and throw in whatever extras I can for generous donations. I may even accept hugs as currency for my smaller pieces :)
   Here are my digital pieces which will be available in a variety of sizes -

Stage 4
   My intention with this set is to create a unique connection between everyone who owns a piece of it. For this to happen the set needs to be broken up and distributed among Amanda's fans (stage 3) and then reunited via the wonder that is the internet (stage 4).
   So the plan is to give out the pieces to generous fans before the gig. On the back of each piece will be a message from me and details of all the places the holder can reach me and I will request of them that they take a photo of themselves holding their piece of the set (in front of their face if they wish to retain their anonymity) and share it with me online. I will then collect these images together and reunite the set (with luck) online.

   I will be keeping the first in the set (seen above) and will be trying as hard as I can to see that the final piece of the set makes its way into the hands of Amanda herself. So everyone who buys a piece will (potentially) gain a unique little connection to myself, each other and Amanda herself.

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